Batterii works the way you’re wired to process creativity.

The tool to bridge
your innovation
process gaps

Anyone can become a contributor to your next big idea. Batterii makes it easy for you to collect inspiration and engage in collaboration with cross-functional teams. Seamlessly move from consumer insight to design strategy to concept development.

Its ability to support your innovation process in a visual layout is a game changer for how your team thinks and works.

Use Batterii for:
  • Research
  • Trend spotting
  • Business model development
  • Product & Service Design
  • Concept Development
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Capture and upload wherever you go with Batterii.

Energize your innovation process.

You'll find pointing, clicking, and sharing on Batterii to have the simplicity of any consumer social platform, but have the confidence that the tool is secure, organized, and purpose-driven.

Breakthrough ideas with Batterii

Breakthrough ideas don’t always occur at your desk between 9 and 5
...and rarely when you're alone.

Batterii makes it easy for a team to capture inspiration when it strikes.

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