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The visual database for creators

Whiteboards are messy and temporary. Batterii is a smart platform for ideas to live on.

Trusted by the world’s leading product creators

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Bring all of your creative assets together in one place.

Web research and inspiration

AI-powered files and document organization

Asynchronous ideation and collaboration

Faster, easier, and more dynamic ideation tools for product teams

Powered by boards, cards, and collaboration.

Create inspiring trend boards to spot opportunities

Turn trend spotting into a team sport with an integrated web clipper and templates to curate future opportunity spaces

Ideaboards to align everyone’s thinking

Invite team members to design sprints, workshops, and collabs to transform consumer needs into insights and ideas

Visualize 3D concepts and moodboards to present new ideas

Create compositions using visual files and 3D models that immerse team members around new product concepts

Keep everyone organized with super search and integrated to-do’s

Map product lines with product visuals, layers, and assignable comments to keep everyone on the same page

Primary features

Unlimited Boards and Storage

Quickly start boards for team projects, workshops, or personal inspiration. Batterii makes it easy to save and remember everything.

Collaborative Analytics

Keep everyone moving forward with live feeds and dashboards highlighting user contributions across boards and assets.

Live Cursors and Presence

See who’s with you at any time. Live cursors and presence help facilitate real-time workshops or collaboration with your teammates.

Comments & To Do’s

Drop comment pins anywhere on the board or attach them to assets. Assign and close out to-do’s to keep everyone in the loop.

Smart Search & AI-powered Tagging

Let technology speed up your workflow. Assets are automatically analyzed to pull out text, objects, logos, and more.

3D File & Video support

Upload videos and 3D files to speed up sharing across projects and team members. Videos are even transcribed in real-time.

Web Clipper

Use the Batterii browser extension to quickly save articles, quotes, and images without opening the platform.

Security & Superlocking

Enterprise-grade security, GDPR compliance, separate domains, and super-locking assets to keep data safe and secure.


Batterii can connect your tech stack to make cross-platform collaboration simple and easy.






Part whiteboard, part database.
Designed for product creation teams

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