Built for teams to explore, ideate, synthesize and design collaboratively.

Give insights & ideas a chance to be discovered and embraced

The best insights and ideas are found when a diverse team is jostled together with the right inspiration, input and energy.

Batterii provides a single, integrated tool that makes it easy for all current and future team members to collect, share, comment and build on one another’s thoughts.

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Capture and upload wherever you go with Batterii.

Keep the team organized & energized

Insights and ideas are forgotten if they aren’t recorded, shared, organized, managed and implemented. With Batterii, you’ll find preserving, organizing and sharing visual, simple and almost irresistible - You’ll want to invite everyone into your room to contribute or just see what you are doing.

Breakthrough ideas with Batterii

Breakthrough ideas don’t always occur at your desk between 9 and 5
...and rarely when you're alone.

Batterii makes it easy for a team to capture inspiration when it strikes.

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