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Join a community of creators and start earning.

Become a Batterii explorer and be part of the consumer research that improves the products you love. You’ll be asked for your opinions on new products, where you shop, your daily routines, or other exciting missions. Record your responses on your smartphone using the Batterii Missions app. Consumers get rewarded for each mission they complete.

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Send Us Your Profile

Fill out the Batterii Explorer submission form to be eligible for missions. Missions require a smartphone and a sense of adventure.



Get Matched

We’ll match you to missions that best fit you, based on your demographic, location, and personality.


Get Invited

Once you're matched we'll invite you to the Batterii Missions app. The Batterii Missions app is compatible with Anroid and iOS devices.

Apple and Android compatible


Complete Your Mission

Follow the instructions to complete your mission. Missions will require you to answer questions and upload photos and videos from your smartphone.


Get Rewards

Once your mission is complete, you’ll get rewarded with cash or goods from your favorite brands.