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Frequently asked questions

Batterii is a simple, yet powerful collection of tools to help your team design better experiences. Batterii offers two subscription types, Batterii Teams (online via credit card) or Batterii Enterprise. Every Batterii account gives you access to:

  • Secure community URL -
  • Unlimited Rooms to collect, organize and share
  • Invitations for Managers, Members and Guests user accounts and external Explorers
  • Batterii web clipper for Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers
  • Batterii mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Starter pack of Room templates, Wall backdrops and cards
  • Batterii Vision machine learning to tag content automatically
  • Create Missions to directly engage customers and other team members to make them part of the experience
  • Data storage starting at 500GB
  • Online Help Center, virtual training and in-app technical support

Batterii supports 4 different types of user accounts – Managers, Members, Guests and Explorers.

  • Managers have full administrative access to manage your Batterii community’s user accounts, custom settings and billing. Typically, there are 1 to 2 managers per community.
  • Members have access to all Batterii features and can invite other Members and Guests. These account types are great for full time employees.
  • Guests have access to all Batterii features, but only inside of specific rooms they’ve been invited. These accounts are ideal for part time contractors or freelancers.
  • Explorers are a type of Guest account who only have access to Missions via the Batterii mobile app. These are great for consumers completing research assignments or engaging internal teams to share content.

To learn more about Managers, Members, Guest and Explorer accounts click here.

No. With an online Batterii subscription, Guest users are discounted to $10/month. Explorers, who only participate on Missions inside of a Batterii room, are FREE and will not show up on your Billing statement.

Yes. Batterii utilizes four types of user accounts: Manager, Member, Guest, and Explorer. This provides multiple options to structure your teams collaboration needs. To learn more about Managers, Members, Guest accounts click here.

Yes. Batterii offers discounts to groups larger than 50 user accounts. For more information on pricing, please contact

Batterii for Enterprise is a subscription plan designed specifically for teams inside of companies who require additional security reviews, custom terms and conditions or support levels. Enterprise plans typically feature:

  • Batterii Customer Success team for custom onboarding and training
  • Single Sign On (SSO) for secure user account management
  • Custom Security Terms or Master SLAs
  • Unlimited Storage & Video Capture
  • Volume pricing for larger teams
  • Invoice billing via Purchase Orders

To learn more about Batterii for Enterprise, chat with an account director at

A few days prior to the end of your trial period, we will send you an email with a link to subscribe to a Batterii plan. When you subscribe, you can select the number of accounts and billing preferences. If you choose to not subscribe and let your trial expire, your account will be suspended for 14 days and then removed from our systems. Looking at an Enterprise plan or need more time? No problem! Contact

Batterii is built on the Google Cloud Platform; leveraging World-Class data centers managed to the highest standards.

Here are some highlights related to security:

  • All data is stored simultaneously across multiple hardened data centers in separate geographies to protect against disasters.
  • All data at rest is encrypted with AES and constantly rotated keys.
  • All decommissioned physical storage is digitally and physically destroyed on site.
  • Each Batterii account has its data separated at the lowest levels of the system architecture.
  • Batterii also engages 3rd parties to performa vulnerability testing to find weaknesses in the security of the system.
  • In addition to its own reviews, Batterii has passed security reviews of some of the largest global CPG and Pharma companies. For our enterprise plan customers we can coordinate with your secuity team's review process.

Batterii’s Team subscription platform helps you to manage the number of Member and Guest user accounts to be billed via credit card, along with setting a monthly or annual payment schedule. When user accounts are added (or removed) in the Member Management admin dashboard, Batterii automatically adjusts your billable amount accordingly. We will only bill for the time that users are registered in Batterii. This prorated approach helps keep your subscription costs balanced with usage for your Batterii online subscription.

To learn more about the details of Batterii Teams billing, click here.

Yes. Batterii has multiple export features that allow you to easily download all of your assets at any time.

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