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Batterii is revolutionizing qualitative consumer research by putting brands in touch with quality candidates faster and easier than traditional focus groups. Our platform gives you access to hundreds of unique creator communities that you send on missions for your brand, taking focus groups out of the lab and into the real world.


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Build Your Research Plan

Work with our team to understand who your consumers are and how to reach them. Then we’ll recruit consumers and build your custom community.


Launch Missions to Your Community

Send your consumers on missions for your brand. Ask them about their daily routine or shopping habits. Explorers upload videos taken from their smartphones to your Batterii dashboard.


View Responses and Gain Insight

View the video responses from your explorers and gain insight into consumer behavior, trends and habits. Don’t want to watch hours of video? Let us do it and we’ll give you an insight report for each mission.

Used by brands worldwide to gain a consumer insights edge.

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On-demand Research and Analysis

In addition to our incredible platform, we’re consumer insight experts, focusing on trends and understanding behavior. If you need advice, guidance, or help with research and analysis, we’re your team.


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