Making Innovation Possible

Batterii was founded in 2012 based on a real need that we’ve all experienced many times: how do we capture the inspiration, energy and ideas in brainstorming sessions in order to continue the momentum after leaving the room? With a small team, Batterii committed to the mission of not only representing that physical experience digitally, but improving that experience and the chances for better outcomes. Since the initial launch of the software, Batterii has been on a mission to empower people to make a difference as creative collaborators. The software has evolved into the most robust creative problem solving and innovation platform on the market.

To guide the vision, Batterii chose a design-thinking based framework for the software, inspired by thought leaders including Steven Johnson, Gary Hamel, Henry Mintzberg, John Hagel III, Daniel Pink, and Elizabeth Pastor. The platform reinforces using empathy and collaboration to solve problems.

We are proud that industry leaders in CPG, Pharma, Automotive and apparel use Batterii with their teams to fuel curiosity, great thinking and innovation. We’d love to work with you and share our passion for design-driven innovation with your organization.

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