Consumer CoCreation® Lab

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In an effort to drive a closer connection with target consumers (or explore new audiences), this Lab is a tiered research experience to explore lifestyle, defining characteristics, insights and new product/service ideas.

Recruited by our team, participants will utilize our technology to capture daily interactions, collect inspiration and collaborate with our designers to visualize new ideas. Key activities will be structured following a discovery session with you, to assure alignment with specific objectives, resources and goals. These Labs have developed key insights and new product ideas for some of the largest CPG and Retail brands in the world.

4- and 8-hour Labs available; Additionally can be applied over extended timelines (i.e. 2 weeks)
12-24 members per session
Group traits, Personas, Lifestyle canvases, Insight themes, Idea canvases
Use case
Idea generation (align w/ market trends)