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You might not know it, but there is a new skill set that we can all add to our resumes … Content Curator. We are willing to bet that you either posted, liked or shared something online today. Think about it; between Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn, we’re seeing new information every hour of every day. So what do we do with all of this content? We capture it, save it, share it and categorize it. We are curators.

So, in the business world, why was everyone so enamored with ideas. Every conversation seemed to focus on the next big idea. Software companies capitalized, launching platforms for Idea Management – a way for employees to put their ideas into a digital repository and manage them. While that served a specific purpose, the promise of Idea Management only housed one part of the story, and more importantly, not always where the real opportunities exist.

At Batterii, we believe that building a successful innovation program begins with capturing and curating the things that inspire us – long before they become our next big idea. After all, an idea is defined as a suggestion towards a plan of action. Most often what we have – when we capture content online – are elements that grabbed our attention; things that made us stop to think.

Inspiration is a process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. Especially when considering a common phrase like “flash of inspiration,” we are referring to the stimulation to do something creative. Right now, some of us function as curators online. We pin, post and share the things that catch our eye, but what do we do with all of these bits of inspiration … all of these things that make us feel something?

Welcome to the emergence of Inspiration Management, and platforms such as Batterii that give companies a continuous connection to share, learn and gain insights from what others are doing in competitive markets. While Inspiration Management is a relatively new concept, it wields tremendous power for any company looking to engineer a new approach to innovation.

Batterii clients curate thousands of assets each month. We covered the activity of Coolhunting in a previous blog post. At a basic level, our clients needed a way to manage their inspiration first, develop hunches, themes, patterns and insights that could be later applied towards building ideas.

Inspiration gets us thinking. We believe that this motivation can come from organizing information to clearly see the puzzle pieces in front of you. For some types of minds, motivation comes from looking at all the different options until something clicks.

Essentially, we argue that Idea Management limits the possibilities of what each of us have the ability to create. So many good ideas get killed in the Idea Management process because those thoughts were not completely developed. They might lack the originality and depth that can come from exposure into multiple sources of inspiration. So, we ask you to look at this area as an opportunity to enhance your innovation initiatives.

Batterii Feature Updates
As we mentioned last week, we are so excited about the new Batterii App for Android scheduled to release early in 2013. Additionally, we are also gaining some great new features including ways to categorize our inspirations. We’ll have more details as we get closer to the release of those updates!

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