Engagement Overview

Customized for Your Business Needs

Batterii helps companies large and small build a culture of innovation. Our enterprise innovation platform and supporting services are integrated to match your company culture and requirements. Programs are designed to achieve business goals, on time, on budget and with success. We have outlined some of the most common ways that companies structure solutions.




The Batterii Platform will be branded and launched for your company. Billed on an annual subscription basis, this solution is ideal for creative agencies and consulting practices, looking to compliment their existing people, processes and client relationships. Internal managers are trained to administer challenges, idea reviews and program operation.


Specific Business Initiative

A Project initiative, which includes the Platform and Services, is launched to address a specific business opportunity. This provides companies and teams with an effective way to beta the platform with teams, while focusing activities on delivering a validated solution to one business challenge.


Continually Deliver Innovation

Batterii will work with your leadership team to outline a charter and activities included in your Innovation Program. Fully engaged, this provides an opportunity to address multiple business opportunities across the company. Led by a Managed Innovation framework, Programs deliver repeatable and scalable value to the top/bottom line, while complimenting internal processes and capabilities.



For companies looking for a full service approach to innovation, Batterii will be an outsourced solution, providing vision, resources and actionable ideas that align to your business vision. With strategy, design and development resources, our teams will transition into an executional role, helping you take new ideas to market.