Meet the team

The Batterii team brings experienced leadership from the innovation space together to deliver on their mission: driving revenue and global innovation for clients.

kevin cummins

Kevin Cummins


Kevin brings over 25 years of leadership in the software and infrastructure industries and has a history of building winning teams focused on customers’ success. A graduate of Miami University, Kevin is bringing his family back to Ohio from the West Coast where he has built his career in corporate development, sales management and executive leadership across Silicon Valley high tech companies.

Our client’s are not only able to tap into the Batterii Team’s expertise as Innovation Experts, but also as practitioners. Our team has run innovation programs for Global 1000 companies and brings the real-world experience to every client.

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chad reynolds

Chad Reynolds

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Chad engages our clients and strategic partners to accelerate our company vision. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati DAAP Program, Chad has been a leader on CoCreation as a way for global brands to use design to inspire innovation. His experience includes leading innovation initiatives for GE Healthcare, Nike, Inc. Procter & Gamble and Warner Brothers.

“Every single company wants to be innovative. They just might not know how,” Reynolds says. “My goal was to build the Salesforce.com of innovation, where innovation can be purchased by every company, where every person or individual can participate in it.”

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nick f

Nick Franceschina

Co-Founder & CTO

Nick is leading the engineering team at Batterii. By utilizing a true SaaS platform and the agile development approach, Nick’s team has not only delivered the next generation innovation platform, but does so in a secure and scalable fashion. Nick’s background includes both experience in Global companies such as Accenture, as well as a strong entrepreneurial background. Nick is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

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Joe Messina

Joe Messina

Executive Vice President Strategy

Joe’s broad knowledge of the systems/software development lifecycle, business process improvement methodologies and innovation management market, provides Batterii with product, service and market insight. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Joe has the education, provider and customer experience in the innovation marketplace.

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Challis Hodge

Challis Hodge

Executive Vice President Client Experience

Challis brings to Batterii a wealth of Client Experience in his 20+ years with industry enterprise leaders such as The Nielsen Company and IBM. His leadership positions at Razorfish and Possible (Bridge) Worldwide increases the depth and breadth of the Batterii Management Team. Client Experience defines the product and services roadmap, from first contact through client support. He is a graduate of University of Cincinnati in Industrial Design with a masters in Design / Human Computer Interface.

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Tom Brister

Tom Brister

Vice President Innovation Services

Tom brings to our clients the experience of a customer having run the Innovation Program at Allstate Insurance, as well as extensive consulting experience at Fortune 500 companies such as MetLife and JPMorgan Chase. Our clients can count on Tom and his team to deliver the promise of their innovation programs through aligning the business needs with the platform capabilities. Batterii offers a range of services from Inspiration and Consumer Labs to a Fully Managed innovation program. Tom is a graduate of Texas State University and veteran of the U.S. Navy.

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