About Us

We believe everyone’s life is a continual source of inspiration and new thinking. Our mission is to provide a simple way to connect individual’s passion and knowledge to fuel the business of innovation.


Kevin Cummins

Our client’s are not only able to tap into the Batterii Team’s expertise as Innovation Experts, but also as practitioners. Our team has run innovation programs for Global 1000 companies and brings the real-world experience to every client.

Kevin CumminsCEO

Batterii is an enterprise social network, providing a secure way for employees to solve business challenges, capture inspiration, and build innovative ideas together. 

The company was founded by Chad Reynolds, a creative executive who facilitated innovation efforts for companies like GE Healthcare, Nike, and Procter & Gamble. Batterii grew out of the need for organizations to collaborate with cross-functional teams to accelerate product development.

Employees using Batterii can post inspiration, create ideas, build on other’s ideas and connect with like-minded employees. Batterii also serves as a company Innovation Platform in which every employee can play an active role in building ideas.

Anyone in a company can start their Batterii network. The platform is subscription based and can be quickly deployed to your teams. In addition to the technology, expert services team is available to guide company challenges and facilitate CoCreation Labs to accelerate idea generation.