Batterii 2012 Retrospective

by Kevin Cumins, CEO

  • Kevin Cummins, CEO

Just over one year ago today, Batterii received some great news. The software we had been developing and testing with a handful of global companies was about to take another giant step forward. Through an investment by CincyTech and private investors, Batterii’s original team was about to expand to engineering, product, service, support, sales and me…the CEO.  Not only was this a big deal for the company, but also for me personally.

My journey as Batterii’s CEO began in early 2012 when my wife Laura and I decided to move back to Ohio to be closer to family.  After originally meeting in San Francisco, we enjoyed living and working in Southern California for over a decade.  Prior to my start at Batterii, my career was spent working with Silicon Valley technology firms, Global 2000 clients, and partners across the world.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Batterii founder, Chad Reynolds.  Chad, an accomplished Cincinnati based entrepreneur, had a simple vision for Batterii:

“Dramatically improve the effectiveness of Batterii clients by extending and enhancing the creative power of their employees, partners, and customers!  Change the way work is done by using the creative process within a SaaS platform and tightly integrated services.”

During the past year, Batterii experienced exciting change, growth, while continuing to learn many lessons. The following is a list of my top 3 takeaways of 2012:

1. It’s all about the Team: your Employees AND Ecosystem of Partners

Hire for diversity and drive to a joint vision.  Batterii has hired some of the most talented engineers, product, and service personnel to shape Chad’s original vision into a reality.  The mixture of creative and analytical talent creates tension through which the best of both worlds can be realized.

Every start up needs support and Batterii has received not only the financial backing, but also experience from CincyTech. The executives and the network of this Cincinnati based entrepreneurial acceleration firm have helped guide Batterii in the delivery of the platform as well as supporting early clients.

2. Focus on Client and Prospect Needs

Batterii’s vision of CoCreation – with focus on front end of innovation – is only realized when clients use the platform to improve their business.  Our clients have not only worked with their own organizations to recognize the need for cultural changes and improvements, but also with Batterii to continuously improve our platform and service.

By listening to clients and improving the platform with every agile release of the software, Batterii has improved the mobile application, the image management, and the evaluation process (to name a few key changes over 2012).

3. Build Transparency into your Company and Products

Not only do our employees use the platform daily, but they understand where we currently stand as a company, and what our roadmap for the future holds.  We continue to share this with our clients and prospects to ensure that we are all committed to the same goals.

2012 was a great year for our entire Batterii team.  2013 will have its share of challenges, but I invite you to join us on this journey as we help our clients collaborate toward success!




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