Guided Services

In combination with our Programs, Batterii’s services deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end Innovation Management experience. Fueled by industry best practices, our capabilities are organized around emergent skill sets that consistently deliver value. Service solutions can be customized at a Program or Challenge level to achieve desired results (i.e. top line revenue creation or process improvement).

Whether you’re looking for support to execute your Program, or sparks of creativity to drive new thinking, Batterii provides a variety of dimensions to fit your needs. 

Key Concept Areas

Program Guides

Guides keep everyone on their journey, assuring the security and vibrancy of every community. Working closely with our clients, sometimes even located on site, Guides help frame challenges, manage community membership, guide discussion and analyze results. Coordinating all of the moving parts can be vital to delivering solutions on a consistent basis. Batterii Guides convert their passion for innovation management into a strategic framework and communications plan, delivering value that is scalable and repeatable across the enterprise.

inspiration scouts

Inspiration Scouts

Core to the innovation process is self-discovery. Batterii can assist by providing trained “eyes on the street” to continually bring new and interesting elements into the Program. Our Scouts work on your behalf to collect inspiration and industry benchmarks that fuel better idea generation. In addition, Scouts work with leading trend consultancies to populate your Program and Challenges with industry, market and consumer knowledge. Together, this accelerates team engagement to guide alignment and/or disruption.

creative mentors

Creative Mentors

To spark richer collaboration and engagement, Creative Mentors are incorporated into an Innovation Program to help turn ideas into graphic concepts. While everyone may not be visually inclined, sketches and supporting graphic benchmarks can help dimensionalize ideas for everyone to build on. Batterii’s team has extensive experience with brand identity systems, product development and user experience.

Sages / SME’s

At certain inflection points during a Challenge, you may want to up the effort by including a subject matter expert, called a Sage. Sages are individuals that we inject into a community for specific business purposes. They may be focused on applying their specialized skills onto existing ideas or ranking/evaluating ideas for an executive review. Driven by your needs, Batterii will identify and incorporate the right Sage into your community.

Technical Support

To support any platform training, deployment and systems integrations, our engineering team is available to help. The Batterii platform was built utilizing Google App Engine, and best in class technologies for security, data storage and redundancy. Our team has extensive experience working in the enterprise technology space, including Fortune 1000 companies.