Managed Innovation Programs

Inspiration, insights and ideas

How does your company remain relevant in today’s marketplace? For many, Innovation Programs provide a structured approach to continuously drive the discovery, alignment and development of new ideas to capture market share. Without continuous innovation, companies can quickly find themselves on the outside looking in.

At Batterii, we work with our clients to design and operate a Managed Innovation Program that actively engages employees at every level to continuously build value. Our creative twist, however, provides an unmatched experience in the industry.

Process Overview

Step 1: Discover

Align Program to Strategic Business Goals

Achieving business goals and priorities becomes a company wide focus, not just a top-down endeavor. Each employee is empowered to participate, bringing innovative solutions to meet the organization’s goals.

Step 2: Define

Develop Program
and Plan

Programs require a charter to articulate the goals and guide all employee participation. A communication plan is included to increase engagement across the company.

Step 3: Connect

Launch Program, Challenges and Idea Generation

Employees have been equipped with technology and tools to build ideas that address business challenges. Leadership teams continue to champion the Program’s efforts and results.

Step 4: Implement

Continuously Evaluate, Measure and Evolve

All inspiration, insights and ideas are being continuously monitored through executive dashboards. As the Program evolves, teams see the impact that their ideas have on driving innovation.


Having been a part of Managed Innovation Programs at leading global companies, Batterii’s leadership has set out to build a Program architecture that embraces new methodologies, social technology and transformational experiences. The result was a Program that could consistently deliver top line revenue ideas, as well as address process improvement.

But, isn’t the term Managed Innovation an oxymoron?

Well, to be honest, it does sound a little counterintuitive. However, most who have been in this game a while will quickly tell you – it’s hard to predict when a great idea will happen, let alone make it to anyone in the organization who can implement it. Companies desire to provide the right process, people, tools and atmospherics to not only generate great ideas… but also the ecosystem to execute them. This structure, along with the right mix of ingredients, gives companies a clearly defined Program to scorecard and measure.

Embedding Social Collaboration with Innovation

While crowd-sourcing programs run rampant in the Managed Innovation space, they rarely produce top line revenue ideas. In addition, they fall short on many of the reasons that companies implement them in the first place – collaborative culture, employee engagement, and finding big ideas from the edge. While all these sound great, what companies experience is about a 1-3% engagement rate, the same people participating, and the creation of mainly process improvement ideas.

Batterii combines best practices from a creative process to establish a structured social experience to build value together. When engaging crowds strategically – at key inflection points and expanding the ways to participate – the power of engagement takes shape. It’s a more porous approach to innovation.

Structuring Creative Potential

The focus of innovation management is to allow the organization to respond to an external or internal opportunity, and use its creative efforts to introduce new ideas, processes or products.

While embracing the creative potential of cross-functional teams, Batterii implements technology to capture, collect and collaborate on that knowledge building. We utilize an ecosystem of applications, Labs and supporting services to drive an experience that people want to be a part of.